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Ajaxchat Documentation

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Ajaxchat Manual Installation Instructions (10 to 20 Minutes) for advance developers.

Requirements – Any Shared Hosting/VPS/Dedicated Server With Any Php/Mysql Version

1) create mysql database name and mysql database user name and mysql password and import /chat/database.sql to mysql database name which you created from phpmyadmin.

2) open /Ajaxchat/chat/mysql.php and enter mysql details

3) upload directory /chat to your server through ftp software likeĀ filezilla

4) you can change logo by replacing /img/logo.png or change it to gif by opening header.php

5) As option mobile integration is provided which is in beta, so open chat/mobile directory and edit mysql.php and enter mysql details or you can copy/paste mysql.php from /chat directory to /chat/mobile directory.

by default your admin details will be

user : admin

pass : admin123

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